Performer & Busker Info

The Velvet Market is looking for musicians/entertainers/buskers to play on Saturday and Sundays. There is no fee for performing. Performers are allowed to sell merchandise, accept tips, and will be featured in advertisements for The Velvet Market. We will promote your appearance, provide an audience, and a place to hone your craft. 

Buskers MUST be approved before making an appearance at the market or the Velvet Mill campus. Participants in The Velvet Market’s busking program will be considered for future paying gigs for events produced by The Velvet Market as well as The Velvet Mill. We see music playing a big part in future events and very much look forward to meeting many of our local talented musicians to establish a relationship that can continue into the future. 


Are you an established musical act or performer looking for a venue in a new market as a way to reach a new audience? We want to work with you. Contact us at